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New Construction

New construction is always the most exciting, and scary project a client undergoes. At GAA we provide the professional expertise necessary to become an advocate for our clients needs. Using cutting edge technology and construction techniques, we take great pride in the design and construction of quality homes built to last a lifetime.


Commercial Fit-up

Wether your business is new or well established, construction associated with the commercial industry can seem like a heavy task. At GAA we are able to provide all necessary documentaion for a commercial fit-up to any type of facility while helping guide you through the red tape associated with the building department of your town/city.

Historic Preservation
Adaptive Reuse

We strive to integrate the 'Nuts and Bolts' of functionality with the aesthetic qualities of our clients. We are often called upon to tackle 'Problem Projects'- those with difficult site conditions or budget constraints.

Rennovation / Remodeling

Whether the changes are big or small, GAA strives to provide the client with all the necessities in upgrading their home while staying under budget. Wether it is removing a wall and just adding a beam, or redoing an entire floor, GAA can adjust its services to provide you exactly what youre looking for.

Being of the Glen Ridge are, GAA is well versed in all the requirements and intricacies involved in a historic project. Maintaining the integrity of the original structure and bringing it back to its historic glory is a top priority among these projects.

Construction Management

The role of the architect doesn't end with the completion of the construction documents. The headache of construction can be eased through additional Construction Management services to help ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

Want to see more? View our projects

Project gallery varries from commercial to residential projects.

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